So Im currently studying moving image at college. I have a strong interest into films especially comic movies. I have also over the past year self taut myself photography and have a strong interest into macro and nature photography.

20th February 2014


Movie Trailers Talk

There has been some awesome trailers recently especially with the ones from the Super Bowl. The most recent trailer being the Guardians of the Galaxy which was definitely interesting. Although I wasn’t blown away by the trailer like the new Captain America or Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer, it was definitely promising that the movie could be awesome. 

Im gonna kick off with The Amazing Spiderman 2 which Im really excepting now. When I first heard abut the reboot I was so sure as I was a bit down that Raimi never got to finish his Spiderman legacy. But then this new take on Spiderman feels like it supports the comics so much better than the last. Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman is so much more like the comic Spiderman than Maguire’s. Now I am really excited for the new movie. The trailers have looked amazing so far. We see Spidey’s new suit, Electro in action as well as Goblin. We even see a bit of Rhino. The trailer also shows a glimpse of Vultures wings and Ock’s Tentacles. Which is the next big thing the trailers reveal and thats the Sinister Six. As well as that we see some awesome action. The more worrying part of the trailer is seeing Peter (by the looks of things) crying out. With Goblin coming into this movie it is likely history is going to repeat itself with Gwen Stacy getting killed. So this could be a sad film for Spidey fans. 

Another trailer I want to mention Transformers: Age of Extinction. I Kinda wasn’t really bothered about a new Transformers movie but I think I might just have to see this. One Mark Wahlberg and two something Im so glad they have added at last is the Dinobots. The teaser trailer didn’t give much apart from the Autobots in action, explosions, and a few humans in the centre of the action. And then of course the moment that stole the trailer, Optimus Prime riding Grimlock, who looks more like a dragon. But looks awesome so Im cool with it. 

Im finally gonna talk about the trailer which I thought stole best trailer of the year so far. That is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer I thought was amazing and have watched it loads of times, like everyday since it came out. But the The Winter Soldier trailer I must have watched nearly 100 times now. It was so awesome, so much better than the first trailer. I even think this could be one of the best Marvel movies. The action in it looks awesome, stepping up a lot since the first movie. Steve’s sidekick Falcone is joining the Universe, the new Cap suit looks so much better, Nick Fury taking damage, Black Widow, Alexander Pierce and the most awesome part, The Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes by the looks of the trailer really could be the most awesome so far in the Cinematic Universe. In my opinion the DC movies are bringing much better villain performances to the big screen but the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t done an amazing job with that yet. Loki is great but I don’t idolise him like a lot people are. Im hoping Ultron and Thanos will make a massive stand as villains in the MCU but were not seeing them yet. However after seeing Bucky in action, taking on Steve and catching his shield Im sure he will be fantastic. 

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19th February 2014


From the Amazing to the Superior Spiderman

So its been a while since I last did a blog so for a slight change today I am going to talk about a comic. In 2012 it was the 50th anniversary of my favourite Marvel character and the writers decided to give us one hell of a story. Killing the Amazing Spiderman. Yes it happened and it was a huge shocker for many. In fact I heard that writer Dan Slott was getting death message for what he did. 

Recap: Doctor Octopus (if not for Green Goblin this truly is Spiderman’s greatest villain) is at his death bed locked away. Before he gives in he makes one final attempt to defeat his greatest opponent. He creates an Octobot and manages to transfer his brain patterns into the devise. With his mind inside the devise he sends it off into the city and when he finds Spiderman he attaches it to the back of his head and swaps his mind with Peters. Peters mind ends up in the Octobot and gets put back into Otto’s body. Otto’s mind is in Peters brain and fortunately for him he has all his memories. Some other villains come and break Peter (In Otto’s body) out of prison and Peter tries to get his body back but is unfortunate. Otto’s body dies with Peter in it but luckily Otto goes on to continue Spiderman’s legacy instead of being the bad guy. 

I have been reading the story arc ‘Superior Spiderman’ since it began earlier last year. But it was only recent when I read The Dying Wish (Re-print graphic novel) which was the last few issues of the long lasting Amazing Spiderman. After reading this and fully understanding how Doc Ock defeated Peter was actually kinda sad. Especially when Peter was trapped in Ocks dying body and not knowing what to do. Peter has faced some tuff decisions and tricky challenges over the past but he has always managed to overcome them. But this time he really had been beaten. Honestly although the story didn’t blow me away, the ending was a big moment in Spidey history. And for doing this in my mind Doctor Octopus is now without doubt Spiderman’s greatest villain and one of the greatest in the Marvel Universe. 

Now onto the Superior Spiderman story arc. I have to say I hate knowing that Doctor Octopus is really Peter Parker but I continue to read every issue that comes out. This is because I love the writers story telling in this story arc. To me its the most enjoyable comic going at the moment. I also really like the artwork. Its also something different, as lately some stories have been losing it because a lot of these comics that have been going for years are struggling to bring new stuff to the table. Superior Spiderman has really renewed Spiderman and has been a genies idea. We’ve seen a more brutal Spiderman in this story arc, and he’s also made a lot of changes with the tech he’s built and the army he’s created.

Though its all coming to an end as the writer has confirmed that Amazing Spiderman will be kicking off again in April. Superior Spiderman has been great but Im glad its coming to an end cause the real Peter Parker can’t go forever as he is the one true Spiderman. And what better way to end this story arc with Spiderman going up against the one and only Green Goblin. Out through the entire Superior Spiderman story arc Goblin has been making appearances but has not come face to face with Spiderman. So by the sound of it, things have been building up to this from the very start. Oh and and Goblin has an army of his own which he’s been building over the course of this story arc, so Spiderman is gonna need everything he’s got. The recent “Darkest Hour” story with Venom thats just ended was good but this is the real deal. “Goblin Nation” the final four parts of Superior Spiderman has began and I can’t wait to see how this story ends. Though there is one question Im dying to know “Will this be the end of Doctor Octopus?”

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4th January 2014

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DC on the small screen

With Arrow being a success Im sure Warner Bros see that TV is not such a bad idea. Well I haven’t seen season two of Arrow yet but I know that Barry Allen aka The Flash made his pilot episode just before the mid-season break. Now I really want to see a Flash movie and I have to say I am a little disappointed that Marvels Quicksilver is going to the big screen before Flash. However luckily we are going to see the Flash but on the small screen. So although I actually want a movie I am still glad that Flash is actually happening and hopefully he will get his own TV series later this year. 

So Barry Allen made his appearance during season two of Arrow which had his pilot episode in, which means when the character gets his first season its gonna jump straight into Barry already having his super speed powers. I actually really like the idea of Barry Allen being first introduced in Arrow because its a big sign of a shared Universe.

At the moment it is looking unlikely that the TV Universe will be connected to the movies which I find a little annoying but then Im not to bothered. Just means that we will have a DC movie Universe and DC TV Universe. And Im loving that the CW Network TV Universe is already expanding and I look forward to seeing a Flash TV series. Also Im really interested into seeing how there gonna bring someone with powers in this Universe as so far Arrow has been based in a realistic world. Bit like Man of Steel, how are the public going to react to seeing someone who can run faster than the speed of light. 

But Arrow and Flash isn’t the only characters the CW plan on bring to TV, there is also another who goes by the name Hourman. Now I had nether herd of the character until finding out that he would be getting a TV adaption, so theres another character I need to look into. But by the looks of it Hourman will not have any of the writers from Arrow and Flash so there is a possibility of him not being in the Arrow/Flash world. Hopefully he will be as that creates an even bigger TV Universe for DC. Though I doubt he would be connected strongly to Arrow/Flash just the fact that he exists in the same world is what Im hoping for. 

The other TV news for DC is Constantine and Gotham. I don’t know that much about the Constantine but its said he will get a TV adaption sometime this year I believe. Unsure to if it will tie into the movies those as Director Del Toro mention creating a Justice League Dark movie which would involve the character.

I do know a bit more about whats happening with the Gotham TV series which Fox will be bringing to the small screen later this year. Gotham will be based in the earlier years of Jim Gordon’s life when he was a young detective. In this TV series we will see what type of crime Gordon faced and how some of the villains of Batman came to power. Its also said we would see Bruce Wayne’s parents and even a young Bruce himself. I know there’s a lot of Batman going on lately with TDK trilogy closing and already Batman is coming back for the MOS sequel, but I actually am liking the idea of this TV series. There will be no Batman in this series and we will get to see on TV what Gotham City was like. What crime was like before Batman when even a lot of Cops couldn’t be trusted, how Gordon coped working as a detective. Also there are some Batman villains that were around even when Bruce was a kid. The Falcone family is one that should exist and another I would expect to see would be Penguin. Also because this is in the earlier years before Batman exist and many of DC characters exist this series doesn’t need to be connect to the other TV shows. It would be cool if it was connected to Batman in the movie Universe but it doesn’t have to link into Arrow or Flash.

I think I’ve said enough for now but it goes to show that Warner Bros have some exciting things to come to TV. Only I hope they do the same with the movies. I expect to hear some exciting things from Comic-con this year. Hopefully some more DC movies to come. Otherwise it looks like the TV series are gonna have more exciting news than the movies. 

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4th January 2014

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Arrow review

I have just finished watching the first season of Arrow and Im ready to watch season two. Unfortunately I don’t have the channel and its already half way through the season. So I guess Im just gonna have to wait until its out on Blu-Ray. The first season of Arrow started off well, a few episodes weren’t as good as others but when it got better it got very exciting to watch. By the end I thought it was brilliant, loved this TV adaption of the DC’s Green Arrow, although he isn’t called Green Arrow yet. In fact he isn’t even called Arrow, he’s just known as the vigilante. Im hoping he will get his rightful name in season two.

So this season has twenty three episodes, all of the episodes are good but of course some are weaker than others. But the really good episodes are worth the watch for the whole season. Some exciting characters involved in this season including a few Batman villains and some that are known across the DC Universe. I really enjoyed the origin side to the season which is constantly being shown as flash backs which you see occasionally during most episodes. There is one character that I can’t wait to see develop further and that is Slade Wilson. I know his story has been changed in this TV adaption and so far isn’t the Deathstroke that most fans know him for, but I do like the way they have introduced him into the program and look forward to seeing more of him.

For those of you who don’t know Oliver Queen was stranded on an island, in this version for five years. When he was saved and went back to his home city he had a list of people who were poisoning the city (because they were rich). This list was given to him by his father. Out through the season there are flashbacks of what happened to Oliver on the island. 

There’s a bit on the reason to why he became the vigilante. So great season, great characters, great stories and I have to say well adapted for TV. The ending to the season was very dramatic and not expected, so I am hyped for season two. 

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28th December 2013


My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 (Part II)

Just a little reminder this is the second part in the list I have created of my most anticipated movies of 2014. The last part of the list included Guardians of the Galaxy, Expendables 3, 300: Rise of an Empire, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men: DOFP. I am now going to continue with my top four. 

4.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This movie I was looking forward to as I loved how the previous one set up this one. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a great beginning to this franchise but to me although the movie was great it just felt like a build up movie. Now we have got past the build up we are ready to go into the core of the story. The humans are nearly at extinction and the apes are becoming the rulers of earth. This is where the story gets really exciting and I can’t wait to see what happens. The CGI apes are in my opinion one of CGI’s greatest creations. How Andy Serkis hasn’t won an award for his motion capture work is one thing I will never understand. 

3. Interstellar

Now this film I can see being another masterpiece of filmmaking by Christopher Nolan. This guy stands as probably the most talented filmmaker going at the moment and although very little detail has been mentioned about this new movie I am sure it will be something worth watching. The trailer that came out recently barely showed anything which is a good thing in my opinion because, one its a teaser and two it leaves a mystery. Which is what I like about Nolan, I had the same feeling with Inception and The Prestige. Also although Inception wasn’t a realistic thing it had a realistic world built around it which I will be interested to see how he brings Interstellar into a realistic environment. 

2. The Hobbit: There and Back Again

Well after another fantastic Middle Earth movie that Peter Jackson has brought us Im sure there are many that are very excited for the next part. The next part being the last is actually sad as this is most likely the last Middle Earth movie we will ever see. Though hopefully it should go down in style and I can’t wait, I don’t know if it will be able to beat The Desolation of Smaug but Im sure it will be fantastic. The ending of Desolation left me and Im sure very many on edge and now we gotta wait until next christmas. The movie was suppose to come out in the summer but for some reason its been put back to christmas. My excitement for this movie is very strong and the only reason its not number one is because the next movie for some reason has won me over by two specific clips of its trailer. This movie though is very close to number one. 

1. Godzilla 

Yes this movie is number one. After seeing the trailer to this movie I got too excited. There are two parts in the trailer where you see Godzilla and that is the very reason this movie beats The Hobbit. So yeah just by seeing what Godzilla will look like in this movie gave me a heart attack of excitement. Im not going to say much more but I believe this will be the greatest monster movie of all time. 

Well there it is, my ten most anticipated movies of 2014. Other movies I am looking forward to are Robocop, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Pompeii and probably a few others down the line. Hope that all the movies I want to see turn out to be a success and generally are enjoyable to watch.  

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28th December 2013


My most anticipated movies of 2014 (part I)


So as I recently done a review on this years movies I am now ready to say what movies Im looking forward to next year. Some big titles are to be released and I am very excited. 2015 is looking to be a big year with films as Avengers 2, Untitled Superman/Batman, Bond 24 and many more are to come. But soon it will be 2014 and there are some awesome in that year to look forward to. I am going to list my top ten most anticipated movies and I will say this is my opinion not the entire publics most anticipated. So here it is.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

Now you may be wondering why this movie isn’t in the top five due to the fact I have done a lot of Marvel related reviews, and drawn a strong interest into that area of film. Well its because I barely have any knowledge of this comic and I just haven’t got that excited about it since they announced the film. I have read a little bit about it but it hasn’t intrigued yet. I want to be excited for this film but I really need to see a trailer before I can. I look forward to the movie and hopefully it will be fantastic but it just needs to prove itself first. The two reasons why I am excited about it though is that its part of the MCU and hopefully we may see them join the Avengers in a later film. Secondly Thanos will be in it. Now I am very excited to see this villain join the Universe and can’t wait to see him in action (hopefully in Avengers 3), but its been announced he will play a part in this movie. Probably only a short part but hopefully we will discover a bit more about him and what his plans are in this movie. 

9. The Expendables 3

Tricky decision putting this movie here but Im up for it. The last one was brilliant and hopefully this one will be too. The first movie was ok but to me lacked the characters a bit and it seemed that Stallone and Statham were the main characters of the film. Whereas the second one was so much better and we got to see more of the other action hero’s and the action in the movie was so much more awesome. Great film and Chuck Norris’s making his appearance just couldn’t of been better. And now the third movie is bringing in more characters and hopefully more awesome action scenes. So I look forward to this movie though I hope this is the last one.

8. 300: Rise of an Empire 

Now I wasn’t really to bothered about this film, the first one was ok but not amazing. Though when I saw the first trailer to this movie I thought it looked awesome, in fact I reckon it will be much better than the first. Snyder maybe busy with Superman/Batman at the moment but Im glad he’s producing this second movie because at the moment its looking great. Battle scenes, blood, acting, this movie should provide that perfectly. 

7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

This is the first Marvel movie to kick of 2014 and hopefully it should keep my hopes up about the Cinematic Universe. The first Captain America movie was good but not excellent which was the same with the first Thor movie. But the second one was amazing and hopefully this one will be too. The trailer to this film didn’t blow me away but definitely showed that this could be a great movie. Nick Fury and Black Widow will be returning as well as some new faces like Falcone and the Winter Soldier. Now this is another Marvel movie that isn’t in the top five and the reason for this one is that there are just other films coming in the year that have just got me more excited about. Hopefully this movie will prove itself to be better than what Im expecting. 

6. The Amazing Spiderman 2

Its a big surprise even to me that I am putting this movie on the list. But the trailer to this movie just looked amazing. They seem to have gone differently with CGI and it does sometimes look video game’ish’. But you know what I don’t care. One thing I do like about this Spiderman franchise is the way they have created Spiderman. Sure I would say Toby Maguire was a better Peter Parker, but Andrew Garfield has a much better Spiderman. And I really like how they have created Electro. Im also liking the idea of the Sinister Six being apart of the franchise. The trailer just looked amazing and I am actually really hyped for this movie now. 

5. X-Men: Days of Future Past

I have to be honest here but this movie could really stand against the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. This is just a masterful story to bring into the movies, although Im not familiar with the original story the fact its becoming a movie is great. Having the older generation mixed with the newer generation in one film is a lot to handle but I just got a feeling this could be the best X-Men movie. Especially now that Bryan Singer has returned. Its also great seeing that he’s returning for the next movie Apocalypse and that he’s getting the writers from X-Men 2 back.

I will be continuing this in another blog but for now Im taking a break as this is going to be too much for one review. Catch my top four anticipated movies of 2014 in the next blog coming very shortly.

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27th December 2013


2013 year of movies


Another year of movies goes by and another to come. This year has been seen to quiet the ride of movies, which most of the ones I seen in cinemas I was satisfied with. I managed to see sixteen movies in cinemas this year starting with The Last Stand and ending with The Desolation of Smaug. My favourites of the years were The Hobbit, Man of Steel and Thor: The Dark World. The Hobbit definitely took the crown this year as no.1 movie for me. I also managed to see some other films this year when they came out on DVD/Blu-RAY. But I can say this year has been a fantastic one for movies apart from a few let downs.

Of course Iron Man 3 was my biggest let down but I have had enough at smashing the movie, because I only did it so much as I wasn’t worried about the future of the MCU. But Thor 2 got me right back into it. So IM3 is in the past now.

Other films that weren’t to up to scratch was World War Z (This one was rented) and The Worlds End. I will start with WWZ, now I haven’t read the book but I can very well understand that the film went completely against it and that the movie has upset a lot of the book fans. For me it just seemed more like another action film and not like a zombie film. There was no blood, well there probably was but it wasn’t like the blooded up zombies you see in most zombie films. The speed they also ran at, I mean I know you get infected zombies which can run but seriously this just went over the top. In fact it was laughable seeing herds of them running over objects and climbing on top of one another to climb a wall. I don’t wanna go on but this movie just seemed kinda boring and not a decent zombie movie. Although in a way some parts were kinda good. So really I don’t know what else to say. 

Then we come to The Worlds End which I so wanted to be an awesome movie. The trailers made it look hilarious, I loved the idea of the film but it just didn’t feel like the film it was suppose to be. Although at some parts of the movie it was really good, a lot of other parts just weren’t that great. The comedy didn’t kick in until about 20mins into the movie and even then it still lacked. So it was kind of a good film but it just didn’t live up to the excitement I had for it. 

Another film that was good but just wasn’t the same and wasn’t needed was A Good Day to Die Hard. Now I like a good action movie now and again and this movie provided it just why did it have to be Die Hard. The franchise is done now. The first two were some of the best classic action movies, the third was good but not as good, and the fourth was were things just started to go downhill. Still I liked the 4th and 5th as just a typical action flick but they just don’t feel like Die Hard movies anymore.

Now I have been going on about movies that weren’t so good but apart from that all the other movies I seen were great, some bloody fantastic. There was Man of Steel which was a new take on Superman and to me was perfect as it showed a really good origin story. It also demonstrated how powerful Kal can be and how major threats can effect the world. Star Trek Into Darkness was a brilliant and entertaining movie although it did seem to be a bit of a remake of a previous Star Trek movie. Thor 2 was brilliant, great action, great characters and also very funny at points. I also really enjoyed The Wolverine as in my opinion it did justice to the character after the Origins movie. The there was The Hobbit which just finished the year off perfectly just like the last Hobbit did. Still there are movies I haven’t seen yet which I will try to watch soon.

But here’s my list of movies I seen in cinemas this year: 

  • The Last Stand
  • A Good Day to Die Hard
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • Iron Man 3
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness
  • Fast and Furious 6
  • Man of Steel
  • The World’s End
  • The Wolverine
  • Monsters University
  • The Lone Ranger
  • White House Down
  • Riddick
  • Escape Plan
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I also seen World War Z, Olympus has Fallen and The Great Gatsby when they came out on DVD/BLU-RAY.

So thats 2013 gone by in a flash and the movies of 2014 are to come which I will be talking about next…  

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14th December 2013

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The Dragon Awakes…

Well I’ve seen it and I would like to see it again in cinemas. The second instalment to The Hobbit trilogy was fantastic. Was it better than the first, well yes it was. Though some aspects of the film wasn’t quiet to amazing, so what Im trying to say is that some parts of the first movie was better but ultimately this one was more awesome. 

Ok Im just going to say I have read the book and it is one of the best stories I have ever read. Now coming from the book to the film there have been a few changes. My guess is that this was done to create a bigger story for the films so that it could be a trilogy like Lord of the Rings. I also believe they wanted to show the build up to Lord of the Rings in these movies. Another thing is although the book is around 300-400 pages long, even I could picture that one story as a massive journey. It wouldn’t be right if there was only one movie. So there’s my say on the book to film. Some people are not happy with this one book being turned into a trilogy, but like I said one film wouldn’t be enough for this story. I also like the extra stuff they have added to the movies like the orcs, necromancer, Legolas and Tauriel. 

Now back to the movies. After last years Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey I was well hyped for this movie. My excitement was not let down. The story structure was perfect, all the acts played there parts perfectly and the dragon Smaug was just amazing. The part of the movie I was most looking forward to was when Bilbo encountered Smaug. It was a truly the best part of the movie and the icon of the trilogy so far. Benedict Cumberbatch nailed for voice beautifully. The action scenes in the movie were also great. The scene when the dwarfs and Bilbo are going down river in the barrels was excellent. So certain aspects of this movie made it so much more awesome than the first.

One thing though that was better about the first Hobbit movie was that the story took its time. Now the first act of The Desolation of Smaug felt quick. Yes it was a little rushed in my opinion. The beginning part with Beorn went by very fast and the main part in Mirkwood was soon over. The bit with the Spiders was awesome but I thought it came a little soon. Saying that though I think it was all because of the part when the company were at Beorn went by quickly. An Unexpected Journey felt like it took its time more with key parts of the story. Though this wasn’t a big deal. The only other thing that was a bit awkward to watch was the love interest between Tauriel and Kili. Then of course Legolas came into it which created a bit of a love triangle which felt really odd. In my opinion it was unnecessary for this love interest to occur in the film. 

But just because some aspects of the film could have been improved it doesn’t mean the awesomeness can be taken away. Now although An Unexpected Journey didn’t make it to being as awesome as any of The Lord of the Rings movies, this one did. Im not gonna say it was better than those films but Smaug just completely raised the levels of this movie. The Necromancer was revealed but I won’t spoil it for anyone. Although when I found out I was like ‘it couldn’t of been anyone else really’. The ending of the movie was very unexpected unlike the first, which has left me on edge again. Although it didn’t leave me on edge as much as the first mainly because I feel like I have already worked out the structure of how the next movie will play out. Still I look forward to the next movie though the best part I feel has past now. 

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12th December 2013

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Godzilla trailer has finally arrived

About two days ago one of the most anticipated trailers of the year was released and it did not let down. Sadly this will be Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures final movie together after eight years in partnership. Though this is one heck of a last project to be working on and hopefully this will be one of their best, although it will take a lot to top The Dark Knight Trilogy. 

Now onto the trailer details. This first teaser trailer could not have been any better. It was like a horror trailer, mainly due to the music and the very short sightings of the monster. This made this trailer so awesome because it was like the entire world feared Godzilla. Cities are completely evacuated, loads of dead bodies shown in a clip, people actually looking terrified. In the last movie Godzilla came into New York city, did some damage, walked through the city then jumped down into the sewers. But yet they didn’t evacuate New York. In this movie Godzilla is shown to be a by far more destructive monster that leaves damage where ever it goes.

Also I believe this is the largest Godzilla ever created which is definitely understandable. Apart from the clip that shows Godzilla at the end the best part of the trailer the first part which is the longest part of the trailer. What we see is a General or Commander officer talking to the soldiers that are going to take part in a Halo jump. After jumping out of the plane there is a moment when they are gliding down and you see a wide shot of the sky. A very dark and terrifying look, as if the sky is at war. You then see the damage to the city they are diving into, and then it goes to a point of view shot from who I believe is the main star of this movie. He looks to his right and at this point you see Godzilla’s head rising up but the shot is very dark. Then it cuts to the rest of the trailer. That was just the most awesome moment. The ending of this trailer was also just a perfect way to end it. You get a better view of the monster in the day and the most awesome part was when you hear Godzilla let out the screeching roar. 

Ok the trailer was just awesome and although I haven’t seen the original Japanese movies I know people are more excited for this movie. I did like the last Godzilla movie but I can understand the bad issues that movie had. I can understand why people hated it, however this movie should definitely portray the originals a lot better than the 1998 movie did. Even I will admit they could have done better with the 1998 movie. But from what we’ve seen the last movie should be forgotten about after seeing this new movie. 

All that can be done now is wait for this movie to hit cinemas in May 2014. This definitely is the movie I am most looking forward to next year even though movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Hobbit: There and Back Again are due for release that year. I can’t wait for this movie, Im sure another trailer will be released a few months before the film comes out but this trailer couldn’t have been better. 

Anyone that has not seen the trailer, watch it now - 

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5th December 2013

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The Worlds Finest

So of course the big news going on with the DC movie universe is code name Batman vs Superman. I say code name because its looking like this won’t be the official title anymore, because recently a bunch of other names were mentioned. But honestly Im loving the idea that these two characters are getting a movie together. Loved the animated movies with these characters and Im so happy that Im now getting a live action film.

So this is the sequel to Man of Steel which I thought was amazing and I can really see how Batman would fit into the sequel. My vision is that after the event of MOS Lexcorp funds the rebuilding to the damage of Metropolis (Maybe teams up with Wayne Enterprise). Lex Luthor then tries to blame it all on Superman and treats him like an outcast. Then of course Bruce comes into the picture and also builds a hate for Superman. The whole reason of Superman and Batman being enemies throughout this film is a good thing, because this is what will build the relationship between the two characters. Then at the end Batman will understand that the world needs Superman and that he is a good person. Of course this is the point when Luthor has the warsuit and maybe kryptonite so Batman ends up helping Superman take Luthor down. Though that is just my thought. 

Now I am not a Ben Affleck Batman hater because:

  • He has matured as an actor
  • He can direct and act in the same movie and win awards for it
  • He does have the look of a Wayne
  • He once built the Batman cave entrance in his old home which costed 50 thousand bucks. To me that sounds like a huge Batman fan
  • People doubted Ledger for Joker and look how that escalated
  • Daredevil was not Affleck’s fault, it was the writers

So there I reckon he could really shock everyone of the big screen come 2015 with an outstanding performance. Enough said!!!

Wonder Woman is gonna be in the movie which some people are staring to wonder why is this a Superman sequel. Now I confidently am gonna say Wonder Woman will cameo in this movie, I doubt her part will be very long. I reckon its a good idea she’s gonna be in the movie because its setting up the Justice League movie and will hopefully lead into a Wonder Woman movie. I hope the Wonder Woman movie comes next after Superman/Batman. Its time a female comic character makes a stand in the movie industry. Also Wonder Woman was just casted and Gal Gadot (Fast and Furious) and once again people are complaining. The main issue is her being to skinny but what people have forgotten is that before production the actors/actresses have to prepare for the act. Just look at how they built Henry Cavil up. They will bulk the woman up and Im sure she’ll be hitting the gym. Apart from that she has the right type of face for Wonder Woman. Not my number one choice but she will do.

Other talk that is going on is The Dark Knight Returns story. Which Snyder recently revealed the story will not be based off of. People thought this because of the fact they were using the older style Bruce/Batman and the whole ‘vs’ idea. I think Warner Bros also brought up the novel at some point. Now it was a very famous Batman story but it is no story to get inspiration from for Superman. In MOS Superman made it very clear that the Army would not have control over him. In TDKR’s story Superman was the Army’s pet. The novel is good for getting inspiration on an older Bruce/Batman and is a good Batman story but this still is a MOS sequel.

So if Batman and Superman are gonna fight it out in this movie they are gonna have to bring kryptonite into the film. Batman can take Superman down but it has to be done intelligently. After seeing the fight scenes in MOS it would be impossible for Batman to beat Superman even if Batman did have the suit and gadgets he had in TDKR’s novel.

I loved the action and destruction in MOS mainly because a lot of that does happen in the comics, I mean what do you expects gonna happen if aliens with god like powers battle it out on Earth. Also they demonstrated how powerful kryptonains can be. But honestly in the sequel they need to develop Clark Kent’s character a bit more cause I felt Kal-El suited Superman more after seeing MOS. They also really need to show the aftermath of MOS and show how Lex Luthor will be involved. They also need to introduce Bruce Wayne and Gotham in a good. There’s also talk of a Nightwing cameo which would be interesting to see when in Gotham. Hopefully though not too much of the film will be set in Gotham. They also need to introduce Diana/Wonder Woman at the right moment though I really hope she’s not in the movie for too long. She needs her own movie to be properly introduced. 

So there probably gonna be a few more things to include but I just stated what I think is the main aspects. This will probably be another movie that runs over 2hrs and I am totally up for it. I also found out there filming in detroit which seems perfect for both Metropolis and Gotham. But thats enough for now, like always I could go on but I have said so much now. Hopefully by the end of the movie Superman and Batman will become The Worlds Finest which is really what everyone wants. 

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